Friday, November 09, 2007


My last assignment for Writing and Designing for the Web was to create a website, on any topic, using a CSS template from somewhere. (Incidentally, what is it with these lecturers and their vague assignments?)

As my Gma is turning 80 in like a month, I thought she would make a nice topic for my site. After all, the last eighty years have been pretty interesting ones, right?*

Here's my header:

And a bit of the site:

If it actually goes live somewhere, I'll let you know the link. Possibly. I don't think Gma would be too happy about her pic all over the interwebs, but as she never uses the computer, maybe what she doesn't know won't hurt me.

*Also, I thought it would be easy. And it was, pretty much. I interviewed her last Thursday, started on the site on Monday afternoon, and it's done now, Thursday night - but actually Friday morning, especially for the purposes of NaBloPoMo.

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