Thursday, November 15, 2007

Happy Birthday, LMC!

This story is dedicated to my cousin, LMC, whose birthday it is today. So you should all wish her a Happy Birthday, even though she may be too drunk to hear you.

Once upon a time, there were two little girls. They were born three months apart, and their mothers were sisters, so they basically grew up together.

They did all sorts of things, like ride to the shops for ice-cream, play basketball, and tease their younger brothers. Then they turned 18, and did all sorts of other things, like drink a lot of alcohol.

They both got jobs working with kids, which neither of them would have predicted, I don't think.

A bit later, they travelled to distant areas of the globe, to places like Adelaide and Lebanon, where they met a lot of awesome people and one of them got a tattoo and her belly pierced.

While they were away, they spent more time talking on msn than they ever spent together when they lived in the same city.

They are now looking forward to drinking, shopping, and going to the beach when LMC gets here in 28 days.

Happy Birthday, LMC. Hope it's a great one. See you soon.

Edited to add this, cos this site is hell funny:


  1. Hey dude thank you so much. That post was awesome. Scratch the pic of me yelling at kids at day care so dont remember that one being taken!!! Anyway awesome post thanks heaps. Cant wait to get home!!!!!

  2. Happy birthday Laura.
    See you in Adelaide next month.

    Love from Luke and Luke's Mum and Dad.

  3. carlabalala8:09 pm

    Happy birthday Laura! Can't say I'm gonna see you but hope you had a great day, and have a good holiday when you get to Adelaide. Get Em to take you to the sights. She's a great tour guide.


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