Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Heard in my room last night

You're better at screwing than I am.
Screw harder.
How about the other way.
I don't think it goes there.
It doesn't fit!
It's too big.
It's too small.
So that's what those things are for.
What are those little things?
Try it from the back?
It's not going to stay.
It's moving too much.
It's touching it!
It's vibrating.
Hey, it turns around!
Should we turn it on now?
What if it comes off in my face?
I think we need protection.

Hey, it works!
That feels goooood.


  1. So what do you need the freaking fan for Missy??????? Come to my blog and prance around saying you love Summer...... when all along you are sitting in front of a cooling fan!


    I am sure my kids have heard similar come from our bedroom on Christmas Eve. Usually ending in 'FOR GODS SAKE GIVE IT TO ME I WILL DO IT MYSELF!'

  2. hey! i never said i love summer in a stinking hot room with no ventilation. did i? no.

    i love summer at the beach.

    or in my room with MY NEW FAN BITCHES.

    haha it's kind of a xmas arvo/boxing day tradition i think. like eating leftovers.

  3. Oooh you are going to be so jealous.... my parents just got central airconditioning (bastards didn't have it when I lived there!) and I scored their little portable unit.

    Oooooh it is going in my bedroom where the family room one doesn't reach!

    Now I can do my Christmas screwing in air conditioned comfort!

  4. that is hilarious ... a picture does not paint a thousand words in this case.


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