Thursday, November 08, 2007

Be Afraid

(11:25 PM) carlabalala: go ahead. start doing Elliott's "I Told You So" song and dance routine
(11:27 PM) carlabalala: ooh, i have a suggestion for PoBloMoFoHoSo or whatever the hell it's called. perhaps the strangest thing you're scared of? You know, like JD from scrubs has an irrational fear of pennies?

Well Carla, actually, I am very brave. I don't mind heights, snakes, or spiders. I have some issues with snorkeling - I'm not too good at breathing underwater - but I've still done it a couple of times. So that's not a very good story. We might have to go back a bit to when I wasn't so good at denying everything.

So here're some fears - mine and other people's and other people's caused by me and mine again:

When I was little, I was convinced that the flushing sound of the toilet was the toilet monster roaring his way out. I had to finish washing my hands and be out of the bathroom before the noise stopped or else ... he'd eat me? Of course, this was basically impossible, but I still sprinted from the toilet to the sink to the towel rail and out of there oh my god hurry up!

When we were little, LMC, Jem(MC), and I used to ride our bikes up to Tiwi Shops for an icypole. I was three months older than LMC and we were three years old than Jem(MC) and because I was the oldest - and the other two were too chicken - I always had to do the talking. Even though I knew that LMC was much more outgoing than me, and much more adult as far as movies and music and swearing went. I was more book-smart of course, but I didn't see what that had to do with talking to strangers.

When we were little, us kids used to play at the creche on the weekends while our parents did bookkeeping and yardwork things. One day, LMC and I decided it was time to go home. So we did. Unfortunately, we neglected to tell anyone before we started walking. Sorry guys!

When I was a little less little, as in old enough to stay home by myself, I stayed home by myself one day. Please understand this was very early in my staying home by myself career. Ok? So I'm sitting there playing PacMan on our Commodore64 when I hear some kids' voices saying,
"Ok, we'll just do one more house then we'll go."
Seriously, what was I supposed to think? OF COURSE they were coming to rob the joint. So I hid under the computer table where I couldn't be seen from that side of the house and waited for them to ... rob us? go away? I don't know. They knock on the door and I'm hiding under the table, when all of a sudden PacMan starts blaring out his theme song for the whole world and all the burglars in it to hear.

Oh and PS of course they weren't out to rob us, they were collecting for the MS Readathon.

And since I can't really let that Scrubs reference go without actually showing you a clip, here is Elliott's "I Told You So" Dance:

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  1. dude ho do you remember shiz like that? I dont remember that stuff. Did i really swear lots? I blame josh! (and jeremy for pissing me off enought to have to swear)


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