Sunday, November 18, 2007

Re: No Smoking

Dear Shenannigans, The Grand, The Pier, The Backpackers, and every other pub and club in Adelaide.

Thanks for this whole 'no smoking in pubs and clubs' thing you have going on now. I like it very much.

Might I suggest, however, that you also ban smoking outside, since we still have to line up to get in. Also, could you make your smoke machine not smell like smoke?

My hair will thank you the next morning, I promise.



  1. They're thinking about banning smoking in all public establishments where I'm at and my hair will be so excited about this.
    My hair gets so dried out having to wash it a hundred times a week just to get rid of the smell.

  2. carlabalala9:18 pm

    Hear hear! My lungs will also be much thankfull...


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