Sunday, November 25, 2007

Cos I'm In A Bitching Mood

Just had a long two days on being in charge of counter while Counter Chick partied away at Schoolies. A month before Christmas. I'm dead tired, and planning to (a) watch a movie, (b) read a book, and (c) sleep, in that order, immediately after I post this.

There are about ten bajillion sites and posts on what to do and not to do with a blog. (Number One is intelligible sentences.) But the other day I went through someone's blogroll and it took ten blogs before I found one I would even consider coming back to.

And since I am tired and bitchy, here are the things that annoyed me. Please don't do it again.

Six 'Ten Things...' posts in a row. These should be a last resort. Like, in November.

Three blogs had realllllllly loooooooooooooong paragraphs.

The pink Blogger template. Automatic disqualification.

Spanish lessons? May be interesting to some, but not me.

Every post on the front page about the NFL. Not me.

Three posts in a row about things they "loathe." Can't you find at least one thing you love in between all that loathing?

Three Little Einsteins posts in a row. I'm sure it takes up a huge amount of your life. Doesn't have to take over your blog too.

Lists. Ha. Yeah. Anyway.

Okay? Thanks.

Tomorrow I have to buy a new phone. Usually I fall in love with a phone and just have to have it, but this time I am going shopping and not coming home without a phone, whether I like it or not, since my phone seems to have decided to shit itself once and for all. Any suggestions?


  1. i'm thinking that wasn't my blogroll...but i've been meaning to edit it for a while, so if it was? i apologize.

  2. nope, not yours.

    interesting that the quality of posts on a person's blogroll affects the percieved quality of their blog.

  3. I'm with you on the pink blogger template. Bleargh!

    The rest as well, but pink templates? Come on!

    Hello from Colorado!


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