Wednesday, November 28, 2007

All you get for Christmas

To: LMC, vsquared, and skywalker.*
Re: Your Christmas presents.

I know it's a bit early and it'll ruin the suprise, but I really wanted to tell you what I'm getting each of you.

I'm going to take you shopping for one of those awesome amazing massage chairs.

Now, lest the internet think I am crazy generous and willing to hand over $3000+ this Christmas, can I remind it that I said take shopping. We're not actually going to buy one. But I figure we can hit maybe four furniture shops and get an hour or so massage for the low low price of ... my time. It is so worth it. Those chairs are brilliant.

Do I take care of you on the holidays or what?

PS: It is Laura-my-friend's birthday today. She is old. Happy Birthday chickie. Come visit me!

*This generous offer extends to any blog-people who are in my general area, ever. If I'm not at the beach that day.


  1. I'm getting myself the same thing for Christmas. Good idea!

  2. Fab idea! Just that little bit of thoughtfulness peppered with some biatch.

    You are my kind gal!


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