Sunday, November 04, 2007

Coming Out

One of the most common phrases around the Hall would have to be, "You coming out tonight?" Quite often, the answer is, "Wellllll, I really should do some homework." This is usually followed by the conversees proceeding to go out.

AKA: Shags, Shennanies.
Location: Marion.
Type: Irish pub.
Dance: Stage, dancefloor, DJs, bands, podium dancers.
When: Ladies Night, Thursday.
Drinks: $1 vodkas, 1/2 price drinks on Thursdays.

New Yorks
Location: Marion.
Type: Bar and Grill during the day, nightclub at night.
Dance: Dancefloor, DJs.
When: Thursdays, after Shags.

The Tonsley
Location: South Road.
Type: Sports-ish bar.
Dance: Dancefloor, shit speakers, decent live bands.
When: When House Committee tells us the after-party is there.

Jetty Bar, The Grand, The Pier
Location: Glenelg.
Dance: Yep!
When: Sundays.

The City
Location: Duh, the City, depends how far you're willing to walk as to how many places we make it to.
When: Fridays and Saturdays.
Drinks: Cocktail jugs at Mansions, real cocktails at The Casino.
Features: Mechanical bull at the Woolshed.

And just for you, LMC, one of the Shags bartenders:

Thanks for the postal inspiration, chickie.

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  1. Ha and that post are so fricking awesome. I cannot wait to get home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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