Sunday, November 11, 2007

Next Year ...

... I will go to the Christmas Pageant.

The Adelaide Christmas Pageant has been held every year (except during WWII) since 1933.

It's televised live, and every year Gma would tape it and we'd watch it when we came down here for Christmas. So I feel like it's part of my tradition too, even though I've never actually been to it.

But, of course, I was working yesterday and couldn't go to it. NEXT YEAR.

There's heaps of floats like the Snail Trail, Rapunzel, and St George and the Dragon

and bands (where heaps equals eight and four, respectively, in 1933, and fifty-seven and fourteen in 2007) and clowns.

The favouritest bits are Nipper and Nimble (don't ask me which one's which) (the brown one is Nipper and the white one is Nimble). I'm pretty sure I wasn't the only young girl whose life's ambition was to ride one of them in the Christmas Pageant.

After the Pageant, Nipper and Nimble go to the Magic Cave with Santa (oops! spoiler) so I have actually ridden one or both. Aren't you jealous?

And right at the end, the one we've all been waiting for ...

Father Christmas!

Only 44 days til Christmas! Better get shopping!

What are your Christmas (or other holiday) traditions? Do you want to come to the Christmas Pageant with me next year? Have you started your Christmas shopping? And, more importantly, do you want to do mine?

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  1. carlabalala7:55 pm

    I really love Christmas. It's my most favourite time of year. The weather, the food, the crappy tv programs, the christmas carols (that I never get sick of), all of it. Don't so much love the mad shopping (stay WELL away from the shopping centres - it's for your own good!) the pressies don't matter so much anymore (because people are under the WRONG impression that I'm too old for presents. Please. You are NEVER too old for presents) but it's still my favourite time of year.

    "It's the most, wonderful time, of the year!"


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