Monday, June 02, 2008

Health and Fitness (HA!)

I have a cough. It sounds like a fake cough. And I can't control it. I am going to stab myself in the throat soon.

On the plus side, it's really working out my stomach muscles, which is a great segue into my second point.

In our backyard, there is a shed. In the shed, there is an exercise bike.

Being that my physical activity has gone from playing (two grades plus social), coaching (two teams), and reffing basketball, to um, nothing, I thought maybe I should do something with this bike. Like, I don't know, exercise?

I'm sure this is all fascinating, but the point is that you can now pop back in any weekday and nag ask me if I've done my thirty minutes of cycling. And then kick my arse for being lazy. Deal?


  1. Ha! I am totally the wrong person to nag you. I have an exercise bike in the dining room so I can supposedly ride away, and watch TV at the same time so it doesn't get boring. But who wants to sit on an exercise bike and umm, exercise, when the couch is right there? Not me :)

  2. Dude. Exercise bikes are unsafe. Especially if they've been sitting in a shed for a huge amount of time. Are you sure it's exercise-worthy? Is it bug and spider free? You've gotta think about all those things! It could be detrimental to your health you know.

    My goodness, I should totally be a motivational coach!

  3. Yeah after those comments, I feel so motivated ... to sit on my arse!


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