Monday, March 23, 2009


I just played my first game of Ultimate Frisbee. Wikipedia defines it as "a limited-contact team sport played with a 175 gram flying disc." I call it bloody hard work and also heaps of fun!

B Myles decided we should play a sport together as housemates. Oh sure, no worries. I'm thinking, like, social netball or even soccer or something. Nope, she comes home with Ultimate Frisbee. Hhannahh piked out on us, so it was just me and B Myles - and the rest of our new team.

We are ... very bad. The cutting and leading I know how to do from basketball, so that wasn't too bad. The throwing to someone (and not to the ground), and the catching, and the fitness, my god the fitness, all need some work. But it was very fun! And positive! And sportsmanlike.

There aren't any referees, we spent more time deciding on a cheer to do than on tactics, and everyone is totally upbeat. All the time. Basically, if the hippies invented a sport, this would be it.

I expect to be back tomorrow to whinge about how sore I am.


  1. We have a bunch of UF players around Ann Arbor. They are dirty hippies.

  2. aimee! hippie sarah played ultimate frisbee!
    oh, wait...

  3. This is unfair!

    Years ago, when I was introduced to a frisbee I said it would make a great sport, with rules similar to Aussie football (perhaps modified to minimise blood loss).

    And somebody invented it without even asking for my ideas!!


    sounds like fun.

  4. I have no athletic ability but ultimate frisbee was the only game I was ever good at. I used to play it all the time. Maybe I'm a little bit of a hippee.


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