Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Day Without Internet...

Q: How do you get through a day without internet? (Stupid uni.)
A: Go to Harbourtown!

Gerry and Mirinka's Shopping Safari, to be precise.

Scav Hunt Item 1: Pics of bored husbands/bfs who are sick of shopping.


Item 2: A receipt from Wanted!
Actually we didn't buy anything so I stalked some random guy who did and asked for a pic of his receipt and the bag.

Item 3: Two of pretending to be an engaged couple looking for an engagement ring.
I go into the jewellery shop and start looking around.
My phone rings. "Hi Dad! I'm looking for an engagement ring! Can I call you back?"
The lady starts blabbing about princess cut and white gold solitaires and whatnot. She then tells me I can't take a picture in the store, not even to send to my fiance who's currently serving in Iraq and that's why he's not here with me. Nope.
Luckily the non-jewellery store jewellery places were fine with us taking pics.


Item 4: A pic of you holding up a plane as it flies overhead.
Turns out overhead is much harder than on the ground. I didn't want to bore you with lots of pics of our hands in the sky so...


Item 5: Photo of you with a security guard.


Item 6: Victorian number plate in the carpark.
Not only did we get the Vic plates, we got every single other state as well (except Tasmania but do they even know how to drive cars down there?). Plus this one which is just awesome:


Item 7: Sing the Flinders song as you shop.

Item 8: Get the phone number of a shop assistant.
In my phone: "Nick from Wanted!"

Item 9: Pretend to have a lost child and get it announced over the loudspeakers.
The reason I won the Scav Hunt.
I grabbed Anais and dragged her to the office straight away before anyone else could do it and make them suspicious. She has glasses and a foreign accent and therefore they would believe her.

The Lady Behind The Counter: Can I help you?
Her: No please. I have lost my leetle brother. You must help me.
The Lady [seriously concerned]: Ok, what's his name?
Her: Gerald. He is twelve. He is lost now.
The Lady: Ok, do you know what he's wearing?
Her: He's wearing... a shirt.
Good one.

As we walked out to "keep looking" for "Gerald," (and you have to say it with a French accent - he apparantly doesn't speak English) we heard some security guard's radio telling him about a little lost boy in the centre. Two seconds later the announcement went over the PA system. High fives! Then we stopped the next security person we saw to tell him we'd found him. The look on his face was like, 'then where is he, genius? you just lost him already. again. some more.'


And then we actually did some shopping.

Fashion Parades all around when we got back to the Hall:

That's me with my new top ($2.95 thanks) and Bec, the winner, with her new shoes and $70 dress.


  1. 0 people had something to say about this post! I don't believe it.

    I will redress the injustice.

    Wish I'd been there - I could've acted the lost child for you!

    Great post, muist have a funny day.

  2. Only $2.95, wat a cheepo!!
    honestly!! Things were better in my day!


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