Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Smackdown at the Debating Corral

Anyone who thinks debating isn't a sport (ok, me) should have been at Lincoln last night.

The topic was "A woman's place is in the home" which was going to be controversial from the start, really. We were negative and St Marks (wankers) were the affirmative. Now, they decided to play it in a certain way and they were committed to it, but they had to realise they'd have to live with the results of that.

In the words of the adjudicator, they were "funny like Borat is funny." They were crude and sexist and way over the top. But that was their angle and good on them for going all in. The adjudicator didn't see it like and they had to know that was, if not likely, a distinct possibility, and be willing to live with it. According to the adjudicator, they were disrespectful to us* and didn't even try and basically wasted everyone's time.

The (large and mostly male) Lincoln supports did not see it that way, and neither did the team, in particular their sole female member who could have been the brains(?) behind their strong stance. They "asked a question" and didn't like the answer and there were rumblings from the crowd (loud abusive ones, heading in the direction of the adj.) and the adj. held his ground when he really should have said, debate's over, move on, but one of them was smart enough to get them to leave. It kinda looked like they were walking out in protest, but really it was over and they had another debate to attend.

It would have been interesting to see how the adj. we had last week (hot and female) would have judged the same debate. She seemed really intelligent and not into that kind of crass humour but would/could a female have taken such a strong stand against anti-female thinking. I don't know but I'm glad we're not playing Marks tonight.


*He also said "since Flinders came so far" which was stupid and irrelevent. It's funny that they all think we're so far away when we don't really see it like that. We're further from them than they are from us if that makes sense.


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  2. Well is your nane the second one? coz I can't realy c which 1 it is...

    And im sure i would have been first on the list AND the Captain!!


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