Sunday, May 20, 2007


My current essay (actually not anymore, I've moved on) is on Austen and heritage film and theme parks of the past. Whatever. Anyway, in it I discuss lots of travel websites and tours and movies and actors and locations. What I think would be awesome is if I could hand it in as a webpage, meaning instead of random web addresses (which look so messy), and explanations of where things come from, and lots and lots of footnotes, I could just have links instead.

For example:
British Tours offers two and three day tours to the locations of the 2005 film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice.
In Lee's Sense and Sensibility, Emma Thompson, with "the face of a character actress and the raw-boned stature of a farm wife," nevertheless has "her talent [which] has made her a leading lady."

Wouldn't that be so cool? Seriously.

[Ok, I'm back. Sorry. But I'm confused/annoyed. Remember to include a copy of your target market publication with your essay. The hell? It's an assignment. For uni. My lecturer is my target market. Anyone with decent English skills is my target market. People who don't understand/know how to use correct grammar and punctuation are not my target market. People who like to read essays on Austen that finish abruptly when I read my word count are my target market. I get it, we have to write to an audience. But seriously. This is just dumb. Plus, how are we supposed to include a copy when we have to staple the cover page to the essay and... the essay to a magazine? Seriously???]

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