Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You Heard It Here First

(Obligatory "I suck at blogging these days for no reason really, so sorry about that" comment.)

My aunt is a high school teacher. One day we were talking on the phone and she mentioned a new book she'd heard of, about a boy who was a wizard. "It might be a bit young for you though," she said. "Uh, yeah," I thought. A year later I had read the first three Harry Potter books and was standing in line to buy the fourth.

The last song I downloaded was Fall Out Boy's 'America's Suitehearts.' A year ago I had exactly zero of their songs. Now I have at least six. I first heard of the band on One Tree Hill (which I first got from Carla) probably three years ago.

When I was in year eight my friend Hel asked me if I'd heard of Britney Spears. "Um, maybe? It sounds kinda familiar," I said, lying, wondering who the fuck Britney Spears was. '...Baby One More Time' was the first single I ever bought, and over ten years later I am still listening to Britney.

Where do you hear things first?


  1. That's funny! I just did a post where U give specific dates and locations for when I first heard two different versions of a song. One of the bands involved is Australian - Spiderbait.

    Another Monkey: YouTube Weekend (sort of): Black Betty


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