Friday, March 02, 2007

Scootering Scav Hunt

Yesterday I set out on the Scarlet Lady to see where she would take me.

We had a great ride (especially since this time I remembered the sunscreen) and I thought I'd prove it to you:

First we went alll the way up to the top of SSS, and the Scarlet Lady learned how to park in a m/c spot when on top of a mountain. She got to admire the view for about three seconds but then I took her away so she couldn't flirt with the two beasty scooters and one m/c also parked there.

Then I had to drive all the way dooown the mountain, which provided me with some awesome views, in the ''inspiring awe' and if by 'awe' you mean 'terror'' sense of the word. So I didn't/couldn't stop to take any photos. The views, they were there.

Then I went to Brighton Beach (more photos from here later on):

And finally to Glenelg:

I was too much of a chicken to actually drive on Jetty Road (JR, Glenelg) what with all the tram tracks but I did get there. Or maybe I just got the pics off Google Images. You'll just have to trust me.

So how many points do I win?

Oh and for the bonus points: I made it back home to the Hall!


  1. Skywalker10:49 pm

    i like glenelg.... they used to have a shop that sold the BEST icecreams... not sure if it is still there

  2. they have wendys, cold rock, baskin robbins, two foreign things, BUT no nz icecream (which i THINK was the one).

    not to worry, we'll try them all.


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