Friday, March 30, 2007

Fine! If winter's going to come, at least I'm going to look good

Ok, fine. Turns out me wearing summer clothes does NOT force the weather to stay summerish. It only gets me a cold. Thanks, weather.

But I just had to share today's outfit with you. (Everyone: No, you really didn't. You just think you did. Me: Too bad!) Basically, it's a who cares, UNLESS you've always lived in a place where you wear singlets and shorts all the damn time, which, let's be honest, is freaking awesome. However, on those rare occaisions where you go someplace with really shitty weather, you get to feel happy about it (until that too gets old and you want your proper weather back) because you get to wear high high boots with little skirts and singlets under cuute long sweatery* things. I know right?
And your hair does this awesome thing where all you've done is have a shower and while it's still dripping wet run some stuff through it and it transforms into these like curl things? And it's awesome.
*Yo, Carla is going to yell at me for being all American with the sweaters and whatnot but I'm asking, what is that? It's not a jumper or a jacket or a cardigan. It's a sweatery thing.


  1. carlabalala6:08 pm

    Its something which serves no purpose except to accessorise- much like a bracelet. Completely useless! That won't protect you against the bitter winds!

    LOVE the boots. Am very jealous. Can I borrow them for Canberra? I'm just slightly broke up here!

  2. carlabalala6:09 pm

    oh, btw - we're in AUSTRALIA! Just trying to make sure we keep our own IDENTITY! I'm so hard on you because I care... about this country being individual, not a franchise of America!

  3. sure you can borrow them. come and pick them up ANYtime!

  4. Skywalker4:38 pm

    yeah well.... i dont like the weather... it gets all cold.. like 13 degrees, i mean wats up with that?!?!? kinda hard to get used to after darwin weather

  5. i am american, i don't i don't own a single cardigan.
    also, i don't even know what a jumper is.

    please fill me in as quickly as possible...
    i am already deemed 70% un-american because i hat old george and i don't support the war. so, you know, if i need to wear a jumper to cling on to some small percent, i'd like to know.
    i'll do what i can.


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