Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Magic Laptop

Things that have spontaneously and mysteriously disappeared from my computer in the past two days:
  • internet explorer
  • windows media player
  • the ability to put media player onto the taskbar thingie
  • all but 17.1 megabytes of hard disk space
I have undisappeared three of these, but I need help with the last one.

I have about a bajillion photos and approximately 773 songs and two and a third seasons of Veronica Mars saved onto my computer. The songs are on my mp3 player: does this mean I can delete them from my computer? Should I store all the photos on a cd? Or should I possibly get a usb and put everything onto that? Or maybe I should just get more megawhatevers added or whatever it is that kids do to those new fangled inventions when they put too much junk on their hard drives.


  1. I am forever losing things out of my computer, and I've concluded that they are hiding from me. For example, if I plug in my iPod, then suddenly iTunes comes alive. Other times it is nowhere to be found.

    I cannot offer any advice because I am a computer idiot. It's a wonder the guys in IT will suffer me at all.

  2. So far nothing has disappeared on my computer. So far.....

    I bought a second hard drive. I am not a computer geek so I am going to describe this to you as only I know how. :-) It comes separate from the laptop. Sits on the table taking up valuable space but I have all of my music, pictures stored on it.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog.

  3. Hey Missy, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my rant about the 800 numbers!!!

    Darn computers makes me just as crazy when they start trying to take over the world and decide they don't want to store my information... grrrrrrrr!

  4. Skywalker4:43 pm

    ok. 1:you should get a USB. Probably a 4 gig one

    2:An extra harddrive is a good idea.

    3:I believe that computers spontaniously delete stuff just to annoy us, they want to take over the world.

    And 4:i have run out of stuff to say........


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