Saturday, March 31, 2007

When in doubt, add lots of photos

Step One: Out of bed. Step Two: Awake? Maybe later.

See? The sun isn't even awake yet.

Back behind the wheel of a car. Do you trust me?

Waiting patiently (ha!) at the airport. Admiring my own reflection in the glass walls.

Don't you wish we had these in Darwin? Or at uni?

You know you're mature when you can resist the urge to play on the moving things.

Oops! Not yet, I spose.

Closed? What do you mean closed? It can't be closed! My boys need to come through there!

Never mind. They're LATE!

Ooh! A plane. Hurrythefuckupmkaythanks. Look! It's coming!

Aaaand... there they are!!!


1 comment:

  1. wowyou look like shit in the morning but you get a gazillion points for getting up that early


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