Saturday, March 31, 2007

STICKY POST: The boys are back in town!

This is a sticky post. It will stick here at the top of the page 'til the boys get here, forcing you to scroll down to check if there's anything new here.


In the comments, we will make a list of things to do when the boys are down. Starting... now! Go comment!


In addition, here is the (still-growing) list of things for them to bring down:

Scooter cover if you can fit it. Everything else is compulsory on pain of no icecream unless I say otherwise.
Never mind. I bought the Scarlet Lady lots of presents, so she doesn't need the cover.

My denim shorts How the hell did I leave them behind? No clue.
Grad dress Not sure if the top part is hanging up with the skirt or not?
Fuschia evening bag Again, how did I leave it behind?

"TKAM" aka "To Kill A Mockingbird"
"S&S" aka "Sense and Sensibility." Alternatively, it's the Spicks and Specks DVD - which I don't think exists, but if it does, that would be cool.
Dictionary fine, never mind
"Style Manual"
"HP6" Do not tell me you don't know what that is. And you want to make sure it's my copy and not yours that you won.

Skipping rope The black one. Or the green one.
Warriors face washer / hand towel & my #44 jersey and my shorts if you're not using them
Adelaide Lighting water bottle
Torch If I left it there... it's kinda grey?

Strappy wedges Under my bed.
Silver stilettos Likewise.

Lips Of An Angel Or whatever it's called. It's like the number-one song at the moment.
Khe Sahn - Cold Chisel
Rock This Party (Everybody Dance Now) - Bob Sinclar, Cutee B

You can put them on Your USB so I can put more eps onto my computer. Never mind that part. My computer works now. But I still want the songs cos the Flinders thing is stupid and won't let me illegally download songs.


  1. are these the same silver stilettos that eneded up in your yard that one time?

  2. I've arranged for you to be able to go to some classes with a lecturer I had last semester, so with that and mine, here is your class schedule:

    1pm: British Diaspora Lect
    1pm: Turning Points in World History Lect
    2pm: Museums Lect

    1pm: Publishing Lect
    2pm: Film screening of Blade Runner
    2pm: Change and Conflict in Russia Lect

    1pm: Turning Points in World History Lect
    2pm: Adaptations Lect
    2pm: SA Museum visit

    1pm: British Diaspora Lect
    2pm: Change and Conflict in Russia Lect

  3. do you want to do the zoo?


    let me know cos there's hall events coming up that i'll miss if i get to do it with you guys.

  4. Ok, so:

    * You have a caravan. It's a bit of a walk to Flinders but you can do it.

    * You have Flat 1. Flat 1 is freaking awesome and I am moving in.

    * We have a bus and a train and another bus to Aldinga. It's all taken care of.

  5. vsquared11:17 pm

    TKaMB has disappeared - I think Boo Radley has stolen it. I'll check the hollow tree.
    Shoes - tick.
    Denim shorts - tick.
    Dictionary and Style manual - I'll check with the freight dept of the Ghan.
    Lectures - let's not overdo it. Perhaps 3 for the week - I'll get SkyW to have a look at the options.

  6. i'm confused by this but it's okay.

  7. vsquared476:17 pm

    Fuschia -the excellent Australian Concise oxford Dictionary has no entry under fuschia!
    However it does have an entry under Fuchsia - which it defines as "any shrub of the genus Fuchsia with drooping red or purple or white flowers". Shall I bring down any droopy red, purple or white bag I can find?
    Shall I bring down the aforesaid dictionary also?

  8. this one is more of a bright dark pink.

    dictionary is not necessary (even though it clearly is).

  9. vsquared4711:20 pm

    Now, I don't want you to panic, but I should tell you that SkyW is not well at the moment.
    Nothing serious, just the sort of thing that dogs who scavenge in rubbish bins, and teenage boys sometimes get.
    Still expect to be in that long aluminium tube 0300 Saturday.


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