Saturday, March 10, 2007

The #1 Reason Why We Live At The Hall

I was very good the other day: I woke up in time for breakfast and made myself a healthy salad roll for lunch. (As opposed to the other other day when I slept in. A lot.)

Then I went back to room, at around 9:50, and read a book. My class was at eleven, and eleven take nine is two, so I had two hours to read. Right? And no, it wasn't even a uni book, it was a trashy novel.

Which I finished.

Then, I looked at my clock to see whether I had time to go on the net and read everyone's blogs. Unfortunately not.



Clean teeth, get dressed, pack books for class. Go!

From my room up up up to the very very very top of the uni (Social Sciences South) with two minutes to spare.

Sometimes I love the Hall.

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