Saturday, March 17, 2007

Computer maintenance in one easy lesson

Step One: Bitch and moan about how your computer cd drive is not working and you want to watch Veronica Mars even though you already have, and Scrubs which you saved til you got back to uni and had essays to write, and Grey's Anatomy because why in the hell did you decide to wait til it actually came on tv to watch it when you have the damn episodes on dvd. (Carla is awesome.)

Step Two: Decide that you will get the computer fixed. It will be taken away to a scary repair place and fixed. Make sure you talk about this within the computer's hearing.

Step Three (the vitally important step): Lend alllllll of your Grey's and VM and Scrubs dvds to random friends at the Hall so you have nothing to watch supposing your computer magically decides to work.

STEP FOUR: THE COMPUTER MAGICALLY DECIDES TO WORK (and you have nothing to watch).

Cool hey.


  1. carlabalala3:56 pm

    OMG. you actually LENT your copies of greys and vm and scrubs to random people?! i don't let mine out of my sight! anyone wants to watch it, i'll happily copy it for them but it never. leaves. my. sight!

    as you well know because i'm awesome.

  2. life's a bitch hey

  3. vsquared9:09 pm

    Good tactics, making your laptop believe you're about to send her to a deep, dark, cave for internal surgery.
    I've know similar mokves to work on recalcitrant cars too.


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