Tuesday, February 20, 2007

O-Week 2007: Day Two - Monday

Went on two double-decker party buses to Brighton Beach (and turns out there's a Brighton Jetty Rd and a Glenelg Jetty Rd - why do they do this to me???) where we played/watched/walked around trying not to get hit by...beach cricket, volleyball, soccer, frisbee. We were a lovely cloud of purple O-Week t-shirts, and had I seen us coming, I would have run for my life. I guess some people thought it wasn't actually our beach. Huh.

Then went to the Ye Olde Jetty Bar (Jetty Rd, Glenelg) where we drank and were merry. And I ate, a huge paper cone full of hot chips which made me very popular. Had many many conversations of "Hi! I'm Missy! Where are you from? What are you studying? Ok bye!" And drank some more.

Some people drank too much, as I found when I had to take some poor English girl home in a cab and put her to bed. Dude, water and hot chips are your friends.

Was then WOKEN at 6am by I have no idea who, blowing air-horns or something of the sort, all up and down the floors and corridors of the Hall. Could you have not done it just to the first-years? Please? Not so happy Jan.

To recap: a good night and a horrible wake-up call.

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