Friday, February 16, 2007

(Meanwhile) Back At The Hall

Ok, so I didn't forget my toothbrush but I did forget my toothpaste. I had to go to the chemist on campus to buy a new one. UP THE HILL. AND THE STAIRS. Oh my god, I nearly died. My thighs, anyway.

Went to Marion to get groceries and DVD covers for my Veronica Mars (HINT!!!) and Scrubs and Grey's DVDs. And CDs to burn photos on from my last day at work. I still have to get the enlargements of our Bear Hunt poster so I can put it up. I was thinking on my door. It's very 'me' even though I'm sure it was confuse a lot of people.*

Isn't is pretty?
Neither my camera or my scooter have arrived yet, so it better be Monday. I'm so excited. And not even that scared about driving down here. One good thing about lots of traffic is that they're forced to go slower, which is awesome for me.

*[I'll put a pic up on here once I get back on my computer. Remind me.]**
**[I did it without even leaving it for a couple of months, or being reminded.]

1 comment:

  1. carlabalala11:41 pm

    Gee I wonder why you typed "HINT" in such big bold letters. Could it be that you are trying to hint someone about something? What exactly are you trying to say?
    I only have myself to blame for getting you hooked. I should be arrested for encouraging your Veronica Mars addictions...! Welcome to the club!


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