Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The actual first day/s recap

Basically, there's nothing much to say.

"Welcome to blah blah blah. Here's your handbook. Your assignments are as follows. Your lecture is, well, now. Oh you already knew that? Good. And DO NOT PLAIGARISE. You already know that too? Odd."

Publishing and Editing will be really helpful if I can suck up to some of the guest lecturers and I will totally name it my favourite class EVER if it lands me a job. I'm just saying.

Adaptations should be good, although if I hear, "We're not saying the text is better than the movie," one more time, I'm transferring.

The British Diaspora will be blah history but better than some I've done. Although if you (annoying girl in the back who has stupid questions and thinks she's god's gift) are annoying me already, it is NOT a very good sign. For you.

And Museums seems like a most excellent choice with a good group, despite half of them being old and the other a year and a day out of school. Still, fun. Just don't get me started on the assignments. (That's another post.)

So yeah. There you go. Blah blah blah, first impressions and all that.

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