Friday, February 23, 2007

O-Week 2007: Day Five - Thursday

1 - 3pm: O-Group games in the courtyard

5:45 - 7: Medieval Banquet

8pm - late - Medieval Party at the Tav

O-Group Games: where the teams willing to be without shame and with a lot of mess are bound to win. Games included: fishing lollies out of a tray of cold spaghetti. Without hands; passing a banana down a line. Without hands. With mouths. With knees; eating gross and distgusting things, only one of which I think I could have choked down (dry Weetbix). Luckily, we were able to get Bec to sub for us.

Medieval Banquet: A distinct lack of dressing up for dinner, except by a (awesome) few. Dinner was served medieval-style: central platters with huge legs of lamb, pitchers of beer apple juice, no serving utensils.

The Tav: Severe under-estimation by the Tav people regarding the numbers they'd get. Considering it was a combined Hall/Village event, the only pub this week that we could stumble home from instead of bussing or cabbing it (ok, people did walk home from both Glenelg and Shags, but anyway...) and that it was the first Tav night in at least a semester, I think they were a little shortsighted.

Consequently, they only had two bar staff on at a time, and lines four or five people deep, all along the bar. And when I want a pineaplle and get a lime and soda UDL and then realise that I don't like the lime and soda ones, and give it to Eri (who then has two, almost full cans) and then try to go back and get another drink, yeah, not fun. And THEN, was waiting for a drink from some random friend of Burnsey who was sent off to get me, got forgotten about, and by the time I realised, they'd closed the bar, NOT GOOD.

But still an awesome night, lots of great costumes, band was average (no offense guys) but music was great, with all the classic 'chanting'-type songs going off. More staff fellas!

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