Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Scootering Day One

I went all the way from Uni Hall to Gma's house and back, and then from the Hall to Marion. And back. Obviously.

It basically used up all of the petrol I had. (Half a tank? A third?) So the next place I have to learn to drive to is the petrol station.

You really have to watch the road when you're riding a scooter in Adelaide. And I mean, the actual road. What's with all the manhole cover things? Some of them aren't too bad, but some are basically bloody great pits into which a little bitty scooter could disappear. So yeah: watch the road.

But then there's the traffic. You have to keep an eye on that too. Lane changes (and roundabouts) are one thing I hate, cos I never know if there's enough room to go or not. But today I figured they're Adelaide drivers and therefore used to idiots suddenly veering in front of them.*

It's good though, as I think I only got overtaken twice and I got to do a whole lot of zooming off at lights cos haha I'm faster than all you suckas! And no-one got mad at me for being too slow, cos guess what? I'm not.

Oh and the slow cruise you do up to traffic lights so you can be all cool and just cruise off without putting your feet down? No point. You sit at traffic lights for hours. Coolness doesn't work so well.

Speaking of which, I'm sunburnt. Again. It's mostly my nose and thighs and my watch tan line. Dude.

*And guys? Those flashing yellow lights aren't there to confuse you. You should try using them sometime to, oh I don't know, indicate something?

1 comment:

  1. vsquared9:06 pm

    Wow - what a week. And the Scarlet Lady travelled all the way to Grandma's house. Down the road, through the forest, across the bridge - and run like hell from the big bad wolf.
    Or, if he's buying drinks at the Largs Pier (or wherever you were), sweet talk him for a few minutes, THEN run like hell.


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