Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Your Mission...

2500 word essay
1500 word museum evaluation

British Diaspora
1000 word essay
3000 word essay
10 min tutorial presentation.**

1500 word essay***
2000 word essay
3000 word essay****

Publishing and Editing
10 min tut presentation
2500 word case study*****
2500 word essay

*The portfolio is the one you weren't supposed to get me started on. Seriously, it's going to be the most awesome assignment ever, or the suckiest. Mostly because I don't get it. You want us to... write down our feelings? "Your thinking [and] reflections"??? It is just so bizarre that I don't even know... anything. It makes me not know stuff. And that cannot be a good thing.

**In partners? Or not. They confused me. Clearly not hard to do. If it's not partners then it's 20 mins. Or if your partner sucks ass, then it's 20 mins.

***Hee! In two parts of the handbook it says 1500 words but on the page she was reading from it says 400 words. I so wish. I kick ass at short essays.

****Are you seriously serious? That's 1500 + 2000 + 3000 words, which is like... a whole hell of a lot of words. What? I'm not a math major. Obviously.

*****Which is a fancy way for essay. I have a lot of essays. Did you see all the essays? And did I mention an essay? Or two?******

******Am now thinking that footnotey things may not have been the way to go on this particular post. Although I'm sure you came to that same conclustion many many scrolls ago and are now rolling your eyes. That's ok. I'm here with you now.


  1. So you have to write a total of eighteen thousand words???

    I have a hard enough time coming up with a few paragraphs to stick in a single blog post.

  2. hello?
    what the BLOG!? members?

    remember us, the ones who gave you really cool buttons to put on your blogs to show that you belonged to some kind of community and then promptly disappeared into oblivion?

    yeah, sorry about that.

    but, we're back.
    Check it out here.


    - Tiffany, Mikala, & Jen from What the BLOG!?

  3. Skywalker10:58 pm

    well my assingments are only 4 pages... and a bibliography........


  4. dude, that's just uncalled for.

  5. carlabalala10:31 pm

    Ahh, I remember those days, of checking word count every other minute to see if you've reached the limit yet... even if you hadn't typed anything. Of working til 5am the day its due because you've been putting it off due to the large amount of words (4,500 is the most I've ever done for one essay).

    Thank goodness those days are over! For me anyway... Good luck Missy! I'll help you proof it if you need me... because I don't have to go through it anymore! Hooray!


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