Thursday, February 22, 2007

O-Week 2007: Day Four - Wednesday

Scav Hunt tasks accomplished:

- stolen coin cup from the casino

- sang the Uni Hall Sharks song at the balls in the mall

- sang with a busker

- donated to charity

- visited the library

- photo of an Adelaide metro employee

- got something from another college

- swam in Victoria Square fountain

- photo of a shaved head

- photo of primary school kids (which is kinda creepy, but we made Eri stand next to the group of them in front of the museum so it was like we were taking a photo of her)

- a custard apple (and since they're not in season, custard + apple = custard apple)

We didn't get to give a tram attendant a lollipop, cos she was a grumpy bitch.
We did kiss the bartender at Shags on Tuesday night, and a bunch of Marion ones (including having a fight in a public place - over toilet paper hehe - and eating a tray of yoghurt samples). Go Lime Green!

Everyone was really good about doing stuff for us, once we explained we were on a Scav Hunt and they'd be getting us a bajillion points.

"I lied. I've been lying to you in increasing amounts ever since I told you you looked good unshaved, a year ago. It's a little experiment, you know, see where you draw the line." I want to ask people for increasing favours based on the premise that they're for a Scav Hunt and see where they draw the line. A little experiment you know. "Hey, it's five grand. You've got nothing to be ashamed of."

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