Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Meanwhile, Back in the Previous Posts

Some things that I wrote - oh my god, honestly. But that's not the point. I was going through all the old posts - all 100 of them! - and noticed that there were some things that required follow-up. Now I doubt that any of you were losing sleep at night because I'd left these unfinished, but as it's almost the end of semester and swotvac/revision week is next week, I thought we'd do a little revision of the ranch.

Remember when I did a photo tour of the campus here and people were going to send me more photos? Well they didn't. I'm still waiting.

I have been bugging a certain someone to send me toga pics. I am losing hope that this will ever happen so y’all are gonna miss out.

I'm still trying to get photos from people from Hall Ball and Formal Dinner. Stay tuned but don't hold your breaths. Hopefully some of these will be full-length so you can see the results of the Great Shoe Search of 2006.

I posted a list of all the books I had to read for one of my English subjects. And I said I'd post a list of the other ones. Which I didn't, although I did add a list of all the books to the sidebar. I've been steadily crossing these off, and I've now read them all. Except Wide Sargasso Sea. And half of Pygmalion. But I've seen My Fair Lady, so it's ok right?
My DVD player is still not fixed and I have a list a bajillion ks long of movies to watch when I get home.

Remember all those poems that I never explained? That was my major 3000-word essay on those and Eve in Genesis. Well, I got a D for the essay, even though when I read it over again (unfortunately after I got it back) I realised it was a load of grammatical and sentence structural crap. Oh and Lisa thinks I have good ideas but no comprehension of how to write an essay which is just too funny.

Remember when I got a HD? I was right, it didn't happen again. Here's how it all went down:
HD - Short essay (500 words) Black Chicks Talking
D - Short assignment 2 (1000 words) Loaded
Major essay (1500 words) Joe Cinque's Consolation and The Idea of Perfection
Workbook (11 worksheets)
HD - Tut presentation
D - Tut essay
D - Major Essay
Exam (10 short ans and 1 essay)
C - Essay 1 (1000 words) French Revolution and Reign of Terror
Major essay (1500 words) Cambodia
D - Essay 1 (1000 words) Europe in 1989
C - Major essay (1500 words) European terrorist organisations

So, I never got another HD. Unless my yet-to-be-returned history one is but if you think so, you’re insane. However all my grades thus far have been Cs or Ds (as you can see duh) which I’m quite happy with.

Idiot did his presentation. He annoyed me with every sentence. Fortunately I asked a kickarse question which proved his reasoning and reading of the text was a load of freaking crap faulty, and Lisa agreed with me, so all was right with the world. Plus he wasn't there today, and me and the other smart people had a big chat with Lisa who was way encouraging about this whole Honours thing so it was a very lovely morning.

Peer pressure is not enough to stop the stupid whore having sex with McDreamy while McVet was out there looking all hot. Stupid cow.
House is finished.
Grey's is finished.
The OC will be back on next week.

Remember when I said there was like a Uni Hall song/chant that they do at 'sporting' events? Known as the Double Blues Chant, here it is:

It's a grand old flag
It's a high flying flag
It's the emblem for me and for you. (woof woof (or some noise))
It's the emblem of, the team we love
The team of the old Double Blues.
Every heart heats true for the old Double Blues
As we sing this song to you (whaddawe sing?)
Should old acquaintances be forgot
Keep your eye on the old Double Blues

I mentioned Tutors Cindy and Amy whom I met at the new residents' dinner at the start of semester. They are both most excellent Tutors and Hallies, and Amy will be HT next year. I also accused my Tutor Adam of hoarding mugs and calendars - he actually did deliver them to my room as promised, so thanks Slug.

I was complaing about how breakfast is too early in the morning. Turns out if you go down to the dining hall at any time of the day or night (well, maybe not quite) you can make yourself some fruit toast and some vegemite toast and a spoonful of Nutella. Or whatever. Cool hey.

I haven't gotten any letters lately. Either people aren't sending them, or the mail room isn't delivering them. Incidentally, if any of you want to send me some Darwin tourist-type brochures, that would be really great.

On returning to the Hall: I have now been to Shags on a Wednesday, so I can come back like a good little drunken Hallie.

So there ya have it, hope that clears everything up for ya! A real post soon. I promise. Maybe.


  1. carlabalala6:50 pm

    Hey hey hey... ease up on the spoilers, I'm waiting for my copy of Grey's season 2 to come soon since i have dodgy c7 reception and missed it on tv. oh, and the fact that i work nearly every. freaking. night.
    And McDreamy is so hot! Don't really care for McVet... particularly since i haven't seen him... (i'm googling him right now)

    ah, 1500 words a "major" essay... i only wish! i'm currently struggling (unsuccessfully) thru a 4000 word major essay. i only wish we had 1500 word essays, I haven't done one since first year. you must miss CDU so much!

  2. Oops, sorry bout that. My bad. McVet is hot. And so is McSteamy. McDreamy is a jackass.

    4000 words? omg that's insane. Tell them you want to do a 500 word one. They rock. Don't stress, you'll get it done babe (with amazing success).


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