Sunday, November 05, 2006

PANDA Awards and BBQ and Open Mic Night

For a week or so there've been posters and phone messages* about the upcoming PANDA Awards. Basically, "There's gonna be PANDA Awards, go to the office for more information!" What more? You didn't give us any to start with! I was very confused. And most of the time it was all in caps, and I didn't know if it was some tricky acronym that I wasn't getting, but sometimes it wasn't, so there was some reference there that I wasn't getting.

I happened to go to the office (ok, it was to top up my internet ok?!) and there was a list of awards that you could nominate people for. But turns out that a committee (HC?) decides on the recipients anyway, so it doesn't really matter how many times, as long as you're nominated.

Friday night, the courtyard.
There was a "BBQ" but as it's the Hall and they feel this need to feed us proper food, it had to be a gourmet barbeque, with steak and veggie patties and chops and potatoes with tomato and cheese and these weird thick sausages that don't fit in a slice of bread and mushroom sauce which I didn't see and so didn't get any and these chicken satays that were really nice.

We all ate sitting around in the courtyard, then there was a short continuation of the auction they held on Super Dooper Sunday, at which I was sooperly studying for my history test. Then there was the PANDA Awards, ones like Best Water Savers, for people showering together, and some fast-food thing for people who survive on pizza and two-minute noodles. (Um, isn't that like everyone?) And then there was an Open Mic Night which consisted of theatre sports, stand-up comedy, breakdancing (except more dance than break) and a band or two.

This is the last Hall event before Swotvac (and maybe ever?) and it was a very nice, peaceful, community, KSA-on-the-Fourth-of-July, kinda event. And it was cold.

Swotvac officially started the next day which means there's now a 24-hour noise curfew, so shhh, y'all are gonna get me in trouble.

*remind me to do a post about the phones.

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