Thursday, November 09, 2006

Mix and Match

Here are my topic choices for next year. I will be doing two English and two History each semester (any one who still needs clarification on what I'm doing next year hasn't been paying attention).

What would you do? (Supposing you have to go to uni and haven't had your LAST. EXAM. EVER. already.)


At least two group A topics:

DRAM2510 Comedy and Satire s1 s2
ENGL2112 Past Reading: Contemporary Historical Fiction s2
ENGL2260 21st C Literature: Texts and Contexts s2
ENGL2302 Fiction for Young Readers s2
ENGL2420 The Anglo-Saxon World s1
ENGL2508 Crime Fiction and Film: Poe to Postmodern s2
SCRN3008 Narrative and Storytelling s2

ENGL2101 Private Parts: Love and Marriage in 19th Century
British Literature*

Up to two Group B topics:

ENGL2110 Writing and designing for the web s2
ENGL2300 Writing for children s1 s2
ENGL2503 Introduction to creative writing s1
ENGL2507 Wish you were here: workshopping travel writing s1
ENGL2600 Publishing and editing s1


AMST2004 American Century s2
AMST3009 Americal Civial War s1
CUTU2101 Museums and Exhibitions s1
HIST2023 Nazi Germany s1
HIST2037 Turning Points in World History s1
HIST2050 Themes in Australian Social History s2
HIST2052 The British Diaspora Since 1600 s1
HIST2054 Themes in World History: Globalisation s1
HIST2056 The Holocaust s2
HIST2059 Colonies, Empire and Revolution: North America 1500-1800 s2
HIST2060 India 1857-1947: The Road to Freedom s2
HIST2061 Imperialism and its Discontents: Empire Ancient and Modern s2
HIST2062 Body Politics in Australian History (finalising) s1
HIST3021 Culture in Victorian England, 1851-1901 s1
HIST3040 Change and Conflict in Russia, 1860-1930 s1
WMST2005 Sex, Gender and Indentities in Australia s1

WMST2006 Gender in Australian Culture*
WMST3004 Indigenous Women’s Voices*

*Available according to the 2007 Handbook but not according to the individual topic webpage. Don't ask.

So, what subjects would you do, what would you definitely not do, and which combination should I do?

1 comment:

  1. carlabalala2:41 am

    eeeeasy! if only i had these choices, i would've graduated in october!
    definitely DRAM2510: COMEDY AND SATIRE. that at least will kep you entertained.
    ENGL2101: PRIVATE PARTS **childish giggle** aah, romantic english literature. Bring on Jane Austin!ENGL2302: FICTION FOR YOUNG READERS - you're up-to-date with HP and Lemony Snicket, half the work's done!
    Maybe do one american civ, but no more - the world is americanised enough, and besides, just ask an american, they know it all! if you do the holocaust, i can recommend a book... themes in aust social history sounds cool... in fact, they all sound cool! why can't CDU bring in those types of units?! oh wait... why do i care anymore... i may have just done my LAST. EXAM. EVER!


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