Friday, November 10, 2006


Now apparently known as Swotvember!
It's not just a noise curfew. We all got these stress-buster kits, and there's lots of events on in November.

Here's what I got in my pack:
a pack of 2 minute noodles
a packet of chips
three teas, three coffees, three sugars
a museli bar
a cheese Snackabout
a box of sultanas
a lollipop
a Kitkat (have a break, get it?)
a stressball
a bunch of info on studying
a Swotvember calendar
an Area find-a-word

Here's some of the activities on offer to distract you from your studying:
hot breakfast every weekday
hot lunch on Wednesdays
games on the ovals
yoga and massage and nutrimetics
Melbourne Cup day
laser skirmish (paintball+Zone3)
afternoon tea at Bec's*
SwotVac Art Attack
karaoke, pool table, arcade games, in the Ballroom
board games and Disney in the Abbey
Rebel Yell for 5 minutes, 9pm every day

*which I went to, cos Jess told me to. She ambushed me coming back from the BA Office. Looong walk up a hill. Luckily there were drinks at the top. And lots of food. And I learnt how to play gin rummy. Kinda. And I was winning at this board game that we were playing, til everyone stole all my cards. So I ended up with a grand total of two. Woohoo!

Ok, study hard, y'all.

Oh, and noise curfew ends 9am on Saturday 25th. But people will be moving out (and hence vacuuming, packing, um moving) all that week - I assume. Good luck doing all that in silence.


  1. carlabalala2:53 am

    That's so cool! A swotvember pack... you mean everyone in the uni got one? man, 2 minute noodles company would survive just by supplying you guys with it each semester!

    Good luck on your exams... and final essays. You'll blast 'em!

  2. everyone in the HALL, not the uni. i assume people who don't live at the hall live on proper things, unlike us, who exist on 2min noodles on the weekends.

    and thanks! fingers crossed.


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