Sunday, November 05, 2006

Last English Lecture

aka Last. Class. EVER.
(for this semester.)

Just realised I have to stop beginning posts with the word 'So'.


Had our last English lecture on Thursday. It was one of the oddest classes I've ever been to.

The huge deal over this last lecture was that it would be all about our major essay, and we really really should come. At first it was fine, as she just babbled on about referencing and structure and all kinds of good hints to do with essays. But then it occurred to me - the essay is due a week from that day. What kind of lecturer basically says, "Don't start your essays yet guys, I haven't given you the all-important hints, so you should wait til there's less than a week to do it so I can fail your arses."?

And then, oh my god she is just in love with her tut group. Which is fine and all. I'm pretty in love with my tut group for that class too - the bowling one, did I tell you about that? We went bowling. Aw sweet. Anyway. The first in-joke was fine. Whatever. But after the twenty-seventh one, with the other tutors, including my own, and maybe a quarter of the class got, it was kinda annoying. Get over your class. They're over you by now, trust me.

So she was annoying, and so were some of the members of her class. Maybe it's contagious. They just would not shut up. What made it even better was that a couple of weeks ago, we had a discussion in our (bestest, wonderfullest etc) tut about annoying people who talk through lectures and how we reserve the right to yell at them for being annoying shits straight out of high school. Which Bonnie did, cos she's in our class, and we're cool like that.

And then the lecturer was all, "Let's go to the Tav and have drinks together! Cos I'm a cool lecturer! And all my students love me!" When Sarah and I wandered down there a bit later on, not a single lecturer, tutor, or student did we see.

Weird hey.

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