Thursday, November 23, 2006

Leaving On A Jet Plane (ok not juuust yet)

I’m in the process of packing up my room. I say in the process, but it’s pretty much done. If you’re staying in the same room you can store things in one third of the wardrobe and the storage space above it, plus in the Hall’s storage area. I bought a box, which is in the wardrobe, and is now full of clothes, books, a smaller box of all the things off my wall, assorted paper things like assignments, notebooks, etc, etc.

In clearing out the drawer where I tossed things out my wallet, I came up with:
4 Marion Library receipts
5 express checkout receipts from Marion Library
22 books borrowed from Flinders Library
22 bus tickets (ooh that’s spooky)
6 Unibooks receipts
4 Flinders Housing receipts (that’s not right, but anyway)
And 71 assorted things, including:
Receits from assorted shops at Marion
Photocopy receipts from Flinders Library
ATM receipts from various places
Random phone credit things
Boarding passes from the trip down
And not including the stapled pile of receipts from Harbourtown.

I also found the gift card I got for my birthday, which luckily for Gma and A Lyn and the assorted other people who need Christmas presents, doesn’t expire til next August.

AND, I found membership cards for Civic and VideoEzy (can’t believe you lot didn’t abuse me for taking them with me???) which is clearly a sign that I should spend a lot of time watching DVDs when I get home.

I have two strawberry chapsticks that are thisclose to being empty that will be thrown out before I go, but not yet cos you never know when my lips will complain about the lack of humidity. I also have a I of the M that I bought from the chocolate factory still to eat, and one Haigh’s rose cream, which I think will be tonight’s dessert.

I also have a huuuuge pinecone that I found and thought it would make a nice Christmas tree if you added some glitter and tinsel to it, but I think it also will be meeting the big bin in the courtyard sometime before I go.

Tomorrow I am going shopping for aforementioned Christmas presents, and for Motor Mouth and The End to read on the plane/at Brisbane airport, where I will actually be residing for SIX HOURS, not five – I must have been toning it down for myself.

Oh, and, the other thing I have? Is lots and lots and lots of loooong dark hair. All over everything. All over the floor, all over my shoes, all over my clothes, all over my desk. All over everything in the whole world. *Adds vacuuming to the to-do list.*

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