Saturday, November 11, 2006

TWO WEEKS!!! aka Getting in the groove

Sat, Nov 11

min: 15°C max: 31°C

Sat, Nov 11

Possible thunderstorm
min: 27°C max: 34°C
Check it out bitches! It rained. Like real, actual, rain, and I don't mean a light shower. It was pissing down. And there was thunder. And you could hear the rain. And there was that rainy smell. Oh my god, it was sooo good. Did I mention the thunderstorm?
Also, I'll be home in two weeks! That's right.
Edit: and here's some proof:


  1. carlabalala2:50 am

    what kind of a storm is that? per-lease! there's, like, one colour in the sky... the rain looks like its falling horizontally (where on earth does that happen?) and the lightening... well... it looks like a hand... instead of a mutant fork harvested and bred in nuclear waste for several centuries.
    But at least Adelaide tried, that's the most important thing.

    Ahhh. The Top End in the Wet. Nowhere else.

  2. vsquared12:13 pm

    i don't usually respond when i'm addressed as a bitch, but i assume it's exam stress.
    those photos were not an adelaide storm - they were stolen from the darwin met bureau site - must have been!

  3. it's the best i could do since i'm not IN DARWIN RIGHT NOW. jeez. lol.

    no, it's hanging out with milsy too much. not that i have since last season, but anyway.
    i stole them off webct shhh. and that's the hall or the med centre or something, so there.

  4. Skywalker10:34 pm

    Well....... i like storms like that, but adelaide never does that, they have prissy little things and call em storms!!!


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