Thursday, November 09, 2006


Apparently, all continuing BA students need to have an advice appointment with a BA person. This is vitally important, so everyone needs to sign up.

I go.
She looks at the piece of paper.
"So you've done some English and some History."
"Have you given any thought to what you do in second and third years."
Lady, I only have to do next year, I will do two English and two History each semester, here is a list I made up of the topics I can do, arranged by semester. Any questions?
"Ok, good luck. Bye now."
Gee thanks.

I did get a copy of the 2007 BA Handbook, which is good, as there is absolutely no consistency on the Flinders website, English online handbook, and individual topic sites.
I also found out that I only have to do two Group A English topics, which means I can do two Group B, if I want to, which is really good cos all the interesting ones are in Group B.

For all this I walked up a bajillion flights of stairs, not to mention had to shower, dress, eat, when all that time I could have been in my PJs, essay-writing in my room. Actually, when I put it that way...


  1. vsquared5:51 pm

    See, I told you she would be really helpful, and full of wise advice.

  2. you were so right, as ever.


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