Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Went to the basketball on Saturday afternoon. Gma and ALyn and Eri came along, with a lot more excitement by Eri than the other two.

Erin Phillips was back after missing last week's game, which I was happy about. I called that one didn't I.

The Lightning have lost a heap of players since we last saw them play, but they've got a good team and just need to start passing the ball to each other and making some baskets. How bout that girls? Bet you never thought of that!

Dandenong had some new people too, but Emily MacInerny and Caitlin Ryan were still there. They're still a bit short due to injuries I think but they have people coming back soon. As does Adelaide as well I think.

Bought our tickets. Had to buy 36ers tickets, then if you leave before the guys' game, you get a partial refund as the girls' game is cheaper. A weird system but one that makes sense actually. They wouldn't let us keep our tickets as souvineers which was disappointing, but since Gma had got a complimentary ticket from ALyn's voucher book, they let us keep that one, which Eri and I split.

After the national anthem, the Lightning girls threw drink bottles into the crowd. Guess who made the most perfect catch and scored herself one? No, not ALyn. And sorry kids behind me, but you only would've fought over it if I let you have it.

Game was really good. Reffing not too bad. At one point, some Dandenong chick had been in the key for about half a century.
Me and the kid behind me (in total unison): How LONG?!

Caitlin Ryan and Emily MacInerny had to go off due to 'injuries'. Bet Gary Fox was real impressed with that. But they both came back after a couple of minutes, just in time to LOSE to Adelaide after having led the first have and been incredibly close in the last quarter. But not close enough! Here's a thing I stole from the WNBL site:

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 FT
Lightning 11 22 19 19 71
Rangers 18 17 14 19 68

I don't like that format though, so here's my version:

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4
Lightning 11 33 52 71
Rangers 18 35 49 68

Wanted to get photos with the Lightning players for Eri after the game, but stupid Lightning girls did their warm-downs, then left. How rude.

Luckily, a couple of the Dandenong girls were standing around in the walkway to the changing rooms, and I secured us a couple of photos. With Ryan and Macca no less. Dude I'm good. Hope Ryan wasn't too insulted when I said I didn't a photo with her. I feel a bit bad now, but I'm she'll get over it.

***Photos will come***

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