Thursday, August 31, 2006

Campus Photo Tour

So, you walk out of the back gate, and on your right, you have the barbeque area:*

You walk along the path. To your left and up a hill is the Village (where the Village people live, but we don't associate with them cos we're Hallies) and on your right is a pine foresty kind of thing leading down into the Gully.*

To get across the Gully, you go across the Bridge:*

And see beautiful scenery.** Then you see steps:

Up the steps and across another road, and you are actually on main campus. Up some steps gets you to the main level with the UniBooks shop and food court thingy and the quad:

It's so cute, it's just like a real university!

So then you go up some more steps and you have the main library level and the Humanities building, where I have some classes and where we learn how to be human:

After Humanities, there is Social Sciences North and SS South, where unfortunately I also have some classes, and so have to walk up many many steps:

And what do we find up the very very top?

Yes, I'm very jealous.

And here's one last view, this one back down at the quad. How much are we not in Kansas anymore:

*some photos haven't arrived yet. But they will. Ahem.

**See the post on views from Flinders. No I'm not making a link. Just scroll, you'll find it.

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