Saturday, February 24, 2007

O-Week Photos: Shags

Shenannigans before the smoke machine:Shenannigans after the smoke machine:
(And let me assue you that there are twice as many people on the dancefloor at the point, only you can't see them cos you're too busy having an asthma attack right there on the stage.)The common room afterwards. You can take note of three things, if you wouldn't mind:
- My awesome mint-choc-chip-ice-cream dress.
- My oh-so-lovely sunnies tan from my little scooter ride.
- And the way that people just can't take their eyes of the awesomeness of my camera long enough to look at the freaking lens.


  1. Skywalker10:28 pm

    Stop going on about ur camera, my VBA ( Visual boy Advance)(a game boy on ur computer)is better

  2. my camera is the awesomest awesome camera you ever awesomed.

    vba doesnt even make sense. (we have that in common) (but my camera could still kick its ass)


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