Sunday, February 18, 2007


So here I am, at the start of my very first O-Week. Woohoo. No, seriously.
The theme is "Medieval" (or however you spell it).

Sunday: Aquaint yourself with the local peasanntry at BBQ and Bush Dance.

Monday: Ye Olde Brighton Beach Games and Glenelg Jetty Bar Crusade.

Tuesday: Outdrink Irish leprechauns at Shenannigans or see true Shakespearean theatre at the Marion Megaplex.

Wednesday: Excursions and International Night. Love your neighbours from distant lands.

Thursday: Courtyard Jests and a Midsummer Night's Tavern.

Friday: Swill a moat's worth at O-Week Offensive and Garden Party.

Saturday: Damsels and Dudes dressup.

Sunday: Courtyard feastings and movies or Grand Hotel.

I have a pretty O-Week t-shirt (fifty bucks later...) which proclaims me as a "Knight". (Thanks Kayleigh for interceding and not letting them sell me a "Peasant" one.) If anyone has any ideas of what to wear to a cross-dressing, middle ages, costume ball thingie, let me know.

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