Saturday, February 24, 2007

O-Week Photos: Medieval Night at the Tav

All fairly self-explanatory I think: Me, Assoc Dean Bec, Tutor Mirinka, Lime Green Leader Tait, Me, Me.

And then you have The Bridge:
And underneath The Bridge there is a gully. Or actually, The Gully. And since The Gully is there, people have to do Gully Runs. Naked:*

*Dude, no. That is not me. I did do my first Gully Run (walk actually, insterspersed with a leetle bit og jogging) that night, but I was fully clothed. Actually I took off my shoes. And also that night, a Hallie ran into a tree and now needs a bajillion stiches but luckily no skin grafts. Gully Runs will be off the Scav Hunt lists forever.


  1. Skywalker10:07 pm

    Go on run naked i dare u.........

    i know a few people who would like photos of that

  2. lol not gonna happen.

    and if it did (it won't), that's why i am on THIS side of the camera!

  3. Skywalker10:12 pm

    lol, ok ok get some1 else 2 hold ur camera


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