Saturday, February 24, 2007

First Photos of 2007: My Room

First of all, my beautiful door. Which locked me out.And then various shots of my room.
If you're thinking 'How many products does one girl need?' don't worry, right there with ya.You may notice the lack of hanging things. This is due to the fact that (a) I folded anything I could shove into a drawer, (b) all my dresses are hanging on the other side, (c) I have a huge pile of clothes to wash and (d) assorted random items of clothing are strewn around the room.Isn't my locker just the cutest thing ever?! Oh yeah, and it's empty lol.My bed, unmade of course, pinboard, curtains, desk, chair, huge amount of rubbish under said desk, fan, and huge pile of shoes in the corner.
The first things to go up on my pinboard. Many many O-Week things have now been added. I basically have a wristband in every colour of the rainbow.

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