Saturday, February 03, 2007

My Room

I'm home for the weekend to clean out my room in preparation for moving back in next weekend so I can prepare to pack and actually pack so I leave the Thursday after that.

Things I have thrown out so far:

* five fake silver bracelets

* car seat covers (yeah, I've never actually owned a car)

* lecture and tut notes for PSY218E

* red hairspray (no I wasn't in red house team, I was in blue)

* ten bajillion hairties with no elastic left

* twenty billion random bits of paper including reciepts, movie tickets, empty envelopes with writing on them, empty envelopes with no writing on them, begging the question, what the hell were they doing in my room it's not like I send that many letters and if I did it wouldn't be in a used envelope.

On the upside, I did find two scratchy tickets winning me a grand total of $6, as well as the bracelet that The Witch stole off me to prove a point about leaving my things lying around on the table as well as to get me to clean up my room, as maybe I'd find it if I tidied things up a tiny bit. It's found. Now my 13-year-old camper who was distraught that her counselor had "lost" their matching bracelets can start making progress in therapy.

1 comment:

  1. And that should probably be fake-silver bracelets not fake silver bracelets. They're real bracelets. Just not real silver. And they're left over from the day when Kleins was a good place to buy jewelery.


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