Thursday, February 22, 2007

O-Week 2007: Day Three - Tuesday

So, I have basically no idea what I did Tuesday morning. Was that my scooter morning? No? Well anyway.

Tuesday night (and not Wednesday* for some reason**) was Shenannigans night. I went on the first (of many) shuttle bus runs, which meant I was basically all alone with a bunch of freshers. And since they didn't know where they were going, I was literally the first one in the door of a totally empty Shags.

Bad News: They didn't even do any specials for us, which was so mean, but, Good News: also meant that we didn't have to wear our purple tees, which, Bad News: meant I had to figure out something to wear, so, Good News: I got to wear my hot-as mint green and chocolate brown (anyone suddenly want ice-cream?) dress, and so, Good News/Bad News? Got hit on by lots of (ok, three) very drunk guys. Bad news: um, no, that's all I got. Good news: the end of a rambling, confusing post.

Oh and I got to take lots of photos with my pretty new camera however (bad news!) despite getting lots of cords with it, there's no way to actually transfer them to my computer. Oh yeah, and I got home at around about 3, 3:30am.

*cos Wednesday was our Shag's night last semester.

**actually it was because they wanted an alcohol-free event midweek, but that's another post.

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