Saturday, February 24, 2007

O-Week Photos: International Night

International Night:There was food from Greece, Italy, America andAsia:The Estonian dancers:Who were really good. And most of the dances told a story (well, probably all of them do, but most of them were really easy to follow). Especially this one:Then there was the New Zealand/islander dancer guy who was big on audience participation and liked to take his shirt off:*
* That was going to say, "who liked to take his shirt off and was big on audience participation" but he wasn't actually encouraging mass public nudity. (That's also another post.)
**Missing are the Haka photos cos my awesome camera was out of its awesome battery but Eri has some great ones, especially all of us doing to the Haka by yelling/chanting/challenging-voiceing the Humpty Dumpty. Try it! It really works.

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