Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

I've never been a big one for making New Year's Resolutions. Maybe because it seems like a bit of a cliche.

But if I was to expend as much energy as to think about the year that's been and the one that's about to start, I might even come up with a blog post, so here we go.

I will ...

- Start playing basketball again. Or do some exercise. Or get fit somehow.

This is right up there with the cliche thing, but this isn't about losing weight. At least not completely. I haven't put on much weight at all - which is to say that I don't weigh any more than I did when I got here - but I definitely look and feel less fit.

Do something, lazy-arse.

- Get a job.

"So, how's the study coming?"
"Yeah, good. I've finished my degree."
"So what now?"
"Um... just bumming around."

Given that I've had this conversation with a bajillion random family members over the past week, you may now be able to understand my motivation for this one. For the moment, I would be perfectly happy working part-time at ASS and picking up some relief work from some childcare centers that I haven't yet applied to. I still think I would like to work in publishing but I am not really in a hurry. That said, I still need some kind of work, and childcare seems like the easiest one to pick up that I would also enjoy.

Hand in a resume or two (lazy-arse).

- Go to San Francisco.

Despite there being a few minor obstacles that I've already discussed, I want to go to BlogHer08. I've already signed up for the conference - on the day registration opened, in fact. My motives are split pretty evenly between meeting people, drinking, travel, and learning stuff, which I think is perfectly fine. People will be going for all different reasons, but I'm pretty sure this is the right time for me.

Get on a plane.

- Something about blogging.

I would like to write better.
I would like to connect to other people's blog better. This means going to their actual blogs instead of reading their feeds, and leaving more comments.
I would like to make The Ranch prettier. This may or may not mean learning more about coding, or doing things in Photoshop, or some other type of design learny stuff.

Be better.

So there you have it. I think we've well and truly established that I'm a slacker, but apart from that, this is a good list, if somewhat cliched and/or predictable.

What are your New Year's Resolutions, and what do you think I need to add to this list?


  1. I never gain weight so I know what you mean....but I get all yucky and mushy. Basketball, eh? I was never good at that. I think that I might swim though. Love, love, love swimming.

  2. carlabalala8:56 pm

    1. Lose three kilos. In the meantime, keep the 5 kgs already lost off. (Harder than it sounds, especially around Christmas, and the lack of gymming...)
    2. Survive Canberra in the Winter. I can tell I've already failed this one.
    3. Finish paying off my car by April.
    4. Save my arse off for Portugal next year.

    I think you need to add "Visit carlabalala" to the list...

  3. Fog City Mommy3:48 pm

    well, you have a free place to stay in SF. really, I promise I am sane. well, as sane as you can be in my line of work...

  4. Aimee: does splashing around at the beach count as swimming? I was never good at lap swimming but love the water. Might give it a good.

    Carla: How bout you add "Visit Missy" to yours? Yeah good idea.

    FCM: Thank you, that is incredibly generous of you. Sanity is all in your head.


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