Sunday, December 09, 2007

I less-than-three you

The gorgeous Kelley over at Magneto Bold Too has forced threatened collaborated on and created a blog love button.

She has also demanded requested that we share the love around. Because I <3 her, here are the blogs I read last when going through my bloglines. (Because you save the best til last.)

Advice Smackdown



Fog City Mommy

Miss Zoot


Woman with a Hatchet

and of course

Magneto Bold Too

(This is an interesting list, I think, just because some of these are new on my List Of Blogs To Post In A List list, but I also included some blogs that everyone was all, duh, of course you love them. who wouldn't? But I am sharing the love regardless.)

(As always, my blogroll has many many more blogs for you to waste time on read, if you're so inclined.)

Feel free to pass the blog love around.


  1. Oh thank you!!! XOXO
    I will share the love as soon as I can. I work tonight...but soon.

  2. you have forsaken me. i'm totally not taking you to chuck e. cheese. or outback steakhouse.


    ok, fine.
    i kid.
    i still love you.
    but, i'm still not taking you to chuck e. cheese.and don't go trying to convince aimeepalooza, either. she has no interest in going there.
    you're just goign to have to have faith in our abllity to lead you to super-fun places.

    because, we?
    can find super-fun places.

    and, you?
    should be busy getting your liver prepared.

  3. oops, my bad. everyone, go say hi to super(whingy)tiff.

    hey, anyone want to come to chuck e cheese? noah? anyone?

    dude please, i live at the hall. my liver is in fine form, altho much overworked.

    it can't wait to see the super-fun places it gets dragged to.

  4. Kelley3:51 pm

    Gorgeous? You called me gorgeous?


    I <3 you even more now!


  5. Thanks Missy! I'm sorry it took me until TODAY to put it up. I'm timely like that.

    Whee! I'm on the same list as Finslippy!

    That's insane. : )


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