Saturday, December 15, 2007

Holiday Spirit

A couple of days ago, I was so freaking excited. Like, waking up excited. There were just so many things coming up, and they were all running through my head, and I was excited!

-- skywalker, LMC, Dad aka vsquared, Gma's party, Carla, Christmas, New Years, grades, tinsel, Christmas tree, graduation, presents, drinking, Starbucks, beach, cooking, shopping --

And now, it turns out that all of that really just equals a whole lot of driving. I've done two cross-town trips in the last couple of days and I have to do another one tomorrow. And the crowds! On the roads, in the carpark, in the shops. I am so glad I haven't been working. Gee, Thursday will be fun, I'm sure.

Ok, so in order to distract me from having to drive (again) to the party tomorrow, how about we decide what I should wear? Ok good. Here are your choices:

The forecast for tomorrow is "mostly sunny," whatever that means, and 25. (This is 77 degrees for all you non-C people out there. See how I help you out?) And before you ask, I have no idea why we're going all strapless, but those are what you've got.

What do you think?

1 comment:

  1. I love the mostly black one. But I'd have to see them on to tell you...they are both beautiful.


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