Thursday, December 13, 2007

Da da da dah, da San Francisco

So, the BlogHer people were teasing me planning to release the SanFran08 site by now, but they're busy people and all, so it's not up.

Nevertheless, I have been thinking about it, and even went so far as to look up flights. (I have no idea why it's cheaper flying from New Zealand, but they may well be another rant post.) But then, of course, I was also doing a bit of worrying in with the thinking and yay!ing and this is what I came up with:

Money. Turns out it costs money to fly alllll the way from Australia to San Francisco. And also to go to the conference. And also to stay there. And also to eat. And also to go to Disneyland.

Travel. Also shockingly, America is a long way away from here, and I'll be going there by myself. (Unless! Some other awesome Australian bloggers want to come with!) But either way, there will be people there who I only know via their blogs. Which is not to say they don't know more about me that people I have met in real life. Or that they're not lovely people.

Time. It will be summer there. (Although, I am doubting whether San Fran knows how to do a proper summer.) It will be winter here. Hell yes! But then, I will be all white and non-tanned while everyone else will be coming off months of sunshine. On the other other hand, I can come back all nice and tanned up. (In a week or two? Yeah sure.)

Aaaaaaaaaaaand... that's basically all I've got. But I just thought I should throw all that out there before I go jetting off halfway around the world. Any thoughts?


  1. carlabalala6:37 pm

    Um... if I wasn't saving up my holidays and pay to go to Portugal in 18 months, I'd totally come with you.

    Think about this. You were also feeling this apprehensive the last time you jetted off half-way around the world and you had an absolute blast. So why worry? You won't wanna come back! (But I'll chase you down and drag you back - who else is gonna meet me at the airport for a two hour chat?)

  2. Kelley (magnetoboldtoo)9:14 pm

    When you find the cash (or the sugar daddy) buy me a ticket too. I will come with you.

    And take you shoe shopping.


  3. Denise11:18 pm

    Have you considered emailing Kristy to volunteer to help out at the conference?

    Volunteers get free passes - that would knock some of the cost off of your trip.

    I hope to see you in San Fran next year!

  4. On the people aspect...Supertiff and I haven't killed anyone, yet. So that should make you feel better, right?

  5. well, we've nearly gotten ourselves killed a few times...but, you know. it made fpr great stories later.

    also, the money: i tried to tell you your to-do list was too expensive! you must have faith in me. just get your pastey-white self here, and we will work it out. aimeepalooza and i went to chicago with basically eleven dollars, and we still had fun.

  6. carla: promise i'll come back. if you come back from portugal!

    kelley: how bout you come with me, and i'll buy you some shoes in return? works for me!

    denise: awesome idea. hope to see you there!

    aimee: yeah i feel so much better. especially after you added that 'yet' in there.

    tiff: well, hey, as long as you get some good stories, it's all good. also, my to-do list is freaking awesome!

  7. I'd love to go but I'd have to pay for me and my son and then have to worry about childcare and so on, even though BlogHer do have that option.

    But you go girl. Go on, it will be great.

  8. Fog City Mommy3:50 pm

    ok, SF in the summer where it's being held is downtown where it will hit about 70 to 85 degrees.

    where I live, and you can stay for free, is near the ocean and so it's a bit cooler.

    and I never tan so don't worry. pale ghosts are everywhere!!


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